Remote Learning Blog Challenge

what inspired me:

When I saw everyones about me blog posts it inspired me to put more detail into mine.

cool design’s:

The first blog I went on had so many cool and funny pictures everywhere and I thought it was really cool!

The second blog I went on had a really cool background and was really colourful!

What I was surprised about:

I was surprised that most of the blogs I visited had lots of posts about their pets.

I was surprised about this because I thought everyone would just post about themselves and not have a full blog about their pet.

some blogs to visit:

My avatar


My name is Genevieve

I like to eat ice-cream and donuts and a lot of food.

I also like doing competitive cheerleading

I do 5 competitions a year called Winterfest, States, Aussie gold, Cheercon and nationals.

It’s always fun though when you win bids to go to bigger competitions that are usually held in America like worlds and summit

my favourite show is Brooklyn nine-nine

I love animals

and kinda like piano.




2. Cambodia is in Asia

3. Phnom Penh is Cambodia’s capital city

4.Cambodia is located in the eastern hemisphere

5. the population of Cambodia is currently 16.01 million

6. The national language in Cambodia is Khmer however the Vietnamese language is also spoken there a little bit

7. The currency in Cambodia is Cambodian riel

8. Australia has a defence cooperation program with Cambodia that focuses on professionalisation of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces

9. Cambodias flag is the only flag in the world that has a building on it

10. Vietnam to the east, Laos to the northwest and Thailand in the west and northwest,



Once there was a beaver. You see he was a very lonely beaver. He didn’t like anyone, lived alone for most of his life and had the same breakfast every day. A bowl of bark with buds and twigs on the side. And if it was a special day, he would sprinkle some willow on his bowl of bark. Now you see he spent pretty much all of his time inside after all his name was lazy, and no I’m not joking. But one day he decided to go for a walk. Lazy had walked around for it seemed like forever, but he had only gotten 3 meters away from his tree. Lazy walked for 1 more minute then he gave up. He was about to go home but when he turned around, he realised he had no idea where he was. So Lazy took a nap and when he woke up, he was surrounded by a small pack of wolfs that were so hungry they started drooling over his head. One of the wolfs named Al stepped forward and said, ‘we’re hungry!’ and pounced at lazy and well let’s just say that was the end of his boring life.